Dental Student Malpractice Insurance

A key to a successful career is finding advisors who have your best interests at heart.

When you become a dentist, you’ll eliminate pain, help preserve our teeth and keep us smiling. You’ll perform evaluations, make recommendations and provide expert healthcare. You do everything in your power to make us feel comfortable about making a trip to the dentist.
At Dentist’s Advantage our approach is similar. We evaluate dentists’ insurance risks and recommend coverage that helps preserve their career. Just like you, we do everything in our power to make our clients feel comfortable, and we do that by using a learning-first approach to insurance.

Did You Know?


  • Average cost of a dental malpractice claim payment


  • Average legal expense to defend a dental malpractice claim


  • 1st year cost of malpractice insurance for grads*

Resource: Dental Professional Liability 2016 Claim Report, CNA Insurance, October 2017.
*AGD student members receive their first year of coverage free from the AGD. Non-AGD members have the option of paying $50 for a claims-made policy or $100 for an occurrence policy for their first-year premium. See Dental School Graduates.