Dental Risk Education Learning Center

Multidisciplinary Malpractice Risk Education

Provided by Dentist’s Advantage, CNA and the National Society of Dental Practitioners

If you’ve ever been the defendant in a court case, you know it’s a nerve wracking experience. Despite all the years of hard work and service to the community, one lawsuit can jeopardize your reputation. 

When you have professional liability insurance, it will provide you with a strong legal defense and pay the costs involved, but not even insurance can take away the sting of being accused of professional wrong-doing.

The best way to avoid sweating it out in a court room? Education.
One of the core advantages we offer the dental community is our multidiscipline Learning Center. Today, people consume information differently. Therefore, we provide you with multiple options, such as webinars, claim reports, and articles, so you can decide how to best educate yourself and your staff.

Prevention is a core concept among dental professionals. It is also the key to risk education. By spreading awareness of dental malpractice risks, it is our hope that you assess your own areas of vulnerability and use our resources to implement preventative measures that enhance patient safety and minimize liability risks.

*Educational information provided by the National Society of Dental Practitioners. Available to Dentist’s Advantage clients only.