Dental Claim Report

A valuable resource for enhancing patient safety aDental Professional Liability Claim Report: 2nd Editionnd reducing malpractice exposures based on CNA claim data.

As part of the partnership between CNA and the Dentist’s Advantage program, our mission is to educate our insureds, and the healthcare industry at large, regarding risk-related issues. We are pleased to present our second dental closed claim report, entitled “Dental Professional Liability Claim Report: 2nd Edition.” Our goal is to help dentists enhance their practice and minimize professional liability exposure by identifying loss patterns and trends.

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Dental Professional Liability Claim Report: 2nd Edition

The report is divided into five parts:

Part 1: Report Overview - explanation of Data Set & Methodology
Part 2: Dental Professional Liability Closed Claim Analysis - based on Specialty, Procedure, Allegation & Injury Type
Part 3: Further Analysis - deeper look at PL claims for the top dental procedures
Part 4: Risk Management Recommendations - including Assessment & Treatment Planning
Part 5: Analysis of License Protection Matters - analysis by Dental Procedure & Allegation

Risk Control Strategy Spotlights: