Dentist's Advantage and NSDP Risk Management Resources 

As a benefit to Dentist's Advantage customers, our comprehensive risk management portfolio is a vital resource for your practice. National Society of Dental Practitioners (NSDP) members must register or login to access this valuable information. This information is available only to NSDP members. Select one of the options below to learn more.

Webinars - Register for webinars that are designed to share the latest risk management information on procedures, techniques, and tools - all at no cost to you.
Case Studies - Read summaries of real malpractice lawsuits brought against dental professionals. Case Studies are available to all website visitors.
Articles - Haven't found what you're looking for? Browse through our articles index for a specific risk management-related topic.
Dental Office Forms - Our Dental Office Forms system represents one of the valuable and useful tools we provide to assist you in managing your practice in the safest way possible.
Newsletters - Read the NSDP newsletters for information on risk management.
Risk Management Alerts - Read topics on risk management that affect dental professionals.
Dental Professional Liability Risk Management Online Course - This informative program will motivate you to assess your practice, apply critical thinking, make prudent choices that enhance patient care and help you to reduce your risk of a malpractice claim.
Dental Claim Report - The Dental Professional Liability 2016 Claim Report examines trends, provides case studies and offers risk management strategies to help dental professionals strengthen their patient safety and risk mitigation efforts.
Dental Office Self-assessment Tool - This checklist, focusing on topics explored in the Dental Claim Report, is designed to help dentists evaluate their risk management readiness and take measures to reduce exposure.