Dental Claim Report

In addition to making professional liability insurance available to dental practitioners through our carrier partnership, Dentist's Advantage is also a leading provider of risk management information.

Through the analysis of actual claims and data collected from our insureds, Dentist’s Advantage hopes this ground-breaking dental liability claim report will provide dentists with the information necessary to help reduce their claim exposures while improving patient safety.

Dental Professional Liability 2016 Claim Report
The Dental Professional Liability 2016 Claim Report examines trends, provides case studies and offers risk management strategies to help dental professionals strengthen their patient safety and risk mitigation efforts.

The report offers dental professionals an opportunity to learn valuable techniques to enhance their risk management and patient safety practices through its analysis of topics including: claim frequency and severity for various dental procedures, high risk procedures and associated allegations, patient injury trends, and dental procedures associated with licensing board actions.

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The Dental Professional Liability 2016 Claim Report includes three sections: Parts 1 and 2 analyze dental professional liability claims, as well as claims resulting from state regulatory civil investigations, within the January 1, 2011, to December 31, 2015 timeframe. Part 3 offers risk management best practices and resources for the dental office, including an assessment worksheet.

This checklist is designed to help dentists evaluate their risk management readiness and take measures to reduce exposure. While it focuses on topics explored in the Dental Professional Liability 2016 Claim Report, it also addresses other common vulnerabilities. For additional dental risk control tools and information, please click here to access Dentist's Advantage My Account and click on the Risk Management tab.

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