Dentist's Advantage Case Studies 

Not sure you need dentist’s professional liability or that dentists are at risk for dental malpractice? Read these case studies involving dentists’ malpractice lawsuits. When a key dental malpractice settlement hits the news, you can read about it here.

Cases include a summary of how the dentist was put at risk, the allegations, how each side pleaded in court, the final verdict and costs. Not all are court losses. Some reveal defense verdicts.

September 2019
Alleged Improper Removal of Impacted Tooth Blamed for Nerve Damage
August 2019
Local Anesthesia Complication – Settlement Greater Than $1 Million
July 2019
Plaintiff Allegedly Not Ready for Dental Implants — Infection, Additional Surgery
June 2019
Untimely Diagnosis of Cancerous Lesion — Verdict Over $1 Million
May 2019
Failure to Obtain Informed Consent for Dental Restoration — $200,000 Verdict
April 2019
Lack of Before and After Films Blamed for Tooth Decay and Removal — $350,400 Verdict
March 2019
Mask Removal Blamed for Cold Sore, Herpes Virus – Defense Verdict
February 2019
Third Molar Extraction Allegedly Caused Jaw Fracture – Defense Verdict
January 2019
Failure to Recognize Periodontal Disease – $200,000 Settlement
December 2018
Air Abrasion Tool Strikes Salivary Gland, Pushing Air into Cheek – Results in $8,000 Verdict
November 2018
Failure to Refer Man with Lesions for Biopsy – Oral Cancer – Results in $500,000 Settlement
October 2018
Alleged Inappropriate Treatment in Laser Gum Recontouring and Placement of Crowns and Veneers Results in $640,000 Arbitration Award
September 2018
Failure to Fully Investigate Lesion and Diagnose Odontogenic Myxoma in Teenager's Mouth - Removal of Tumor Requires Removal of Part of Jaw - $500,000 Gross Verdict
August 2018
Damage to Lingual Nerve During Tooth Removal – Permanent Numbness and Loss of Taste - $630,000 Verdict
July 2018
Alleged Negligence During Root Canal Repair – Defense Verdict
June 2018
Failure to Diagnose Development of Infection – Million Dollar Verdict
May 2018
Needle Allegedly Broken in Autistic Child’s Gum – Defense Verdict
April 2018
Tooth Dropped Into Patient’s Mouth – Pneumonia, Bronchoscopy
March 2018
Alleged Failure to Diagnose Squamous Cell Cancer - Death - Defense Verdict
February 2018
Alleged Failure to Timely Diagnose Osteomyelitis After Wisdom Tooth Extraction - Defense Verdict
December 2017
Failure to Properly Address Dental Abscess and Infection – Hospitalization with Tracheostomy – New York Defense Verdict
November 2017
Unnecessary Wisdom Tooth Extraction Blamed for Nerve Damage With Extreme Pain Which Requires Balloon Compression – $12,500 Illinois Verdict
October 2017
Man Prescribed Clindamycin for Tooth Deemed to Need Root Canal – Diarrhea Develops – Ileostomy Fails, Resulting in Man Being Incontinent – $1.25 Million Illinois Settlement
September 2017
Failure to Diagnose Lesion on Tongue as Cancer - $1.7 Million Settlement
July 2017
AAA Alleged Failure to Remove Foreign Object – Kentucky Defense Verdict
July 2017
Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Follows Molar Extraction – New York Defense Verdict
A defense verdict was found
April 2017
Failure to Properly Perform Treatment in Treatment Plan for Multiple Crowns and Orthodontic Work
$55,200 Verdict
March 2017
Incorrect Tooth Removed
$18,500 Verdict
February 2017
Injuries During Root Canal Procedure Include Complete Anesthesia of Left Side of Chin, Lower Left Lip, and Left Inside of Mouth
Defense Verdict
June 2016
Removable, Not Non-Removable Denture Implanted
$150,000 Verdict
April - May 2016
Man Suffers Problems with Implant of Teeth — Multiple Procedures Required
Defense Verdict
March 2016
Alleged Negligence in Full Mouth Restoration — Ongoing Jaw Pain
Defense Verdict
January - February 2016
Woman Claims Lack of Informed Consent for Removal of Pre-Existing Bridge and Crown Work and Other Work
Defense Verdict
October 2015
Failure to Prescribe Antibiotics Following Tooth Extraction - Abcess Requires Surgery
Defense Verdict
September 2015
Man Claims Bridge for Upper Teeth Didn't Fit Properly
$71,100 Settlement
June 2015
Mental Nerve Injured During Extraction of Ankylosed Tooth
$950,000 Settlement
May 2015
Failure to Recognize and Treat Periodontal Disease
$295,378 Net Verdict
April 2015
Lingual Nerve Injury During Wisdom Tooth Extraction
$875,000 Settlement
March 2015
Failure to Recognize and Properly Treat Oral Infection Following Bone Grafting – Debridement Required
$55,500 Verdict
February 2015
Overfill of Material During Root Canal Blamed for Damage to Inferior Alveolar Nerve
$510,000 Settlement
January 2015
Trigeminal Nerve Injury From Wisdom Tooth Extraction
$1,000,000 Settlement