Download/Print Risk Alert (PDF)

The CDC has just released its DentalCheck app for dental personnel and facilities. The app is in the form of a checklist to be used to periodically assess the facility meeting minimum standards for infection prevention and control.
All staff involved in infection control practices and training in the dental office are encouraged to download this app and use it at least annually to check all administrative procedures and policies. This does not cancel continual efforts by the office infection control coordinator to engage in direct observation of all personnel and their patient care and support activities.
The checklist will document:
  • Compliance with listed administrative policies & practices
  • Summarize basic infection prevention principles & recommendations for the facility
  • The storage of all findings for review
  • Reference to guidelines and source documents.
All dentists are strongly encouraged to purchase this important tool and use it as soon as possible. The checklist app, DentalCheck, can be purchased from ITunes for $31.20. Or, for more information, visit