ADA Clinical Guidelines on Non-Restorative Treatments for Caries

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In the October issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), the ADA’s Council on Scientific Affairs and the Center for Evidence-Based dentistry reports on a two-year study of non-restorative methods for treating caries.
The report is a systematic review of all available literature on this subject. The article presents 11 recommendations for such treatments depending on certain conditions and includes the use of silver diamine fluoride, sealants, acidulated phosphate fluoride gel, sealants amongst others.

OSHA Update – Legionnaires’ Disease

OSHA administrators have just released a new document concerning work place exposure to Legionnaires’ disease and Pontiac Fever. The document updates regulations and information about workplace exposure to Legionnaires’ in all settings including dental offices and facilities. The document reviews:
  • Background about the disease.
  • How to recognize conditions contributing to risks of this hazard’s potential harm.
  • The prevention and control of the disease potential harm.
  • OSHA standards and requirements concerning the control and prevention of the disease.
  • Medical information about Legionnaires’ disease.
  • Official response required if outbreak occurs.
The entire new document can be found at: