Trigeminal Nerve Injury From Wisdom Tooth Extraction 

$1,000,000 Settlement

The plaintiff, age thirty-three, went to the defendant dentist for evaluation. At the plaintiff’s next visit to the defendant, three of the plaintiff’s wisdom teeth were extracted. The procedure took six hours.

The plaintiff claimed that she suffered injury to the trigeminal nerve, causing permanent trigeminal neuropathic pain. The plaintiff claimed that the defendant dentist failed to appreciate the significance of the bony involvement of her third molars and the proximity of the third molars to the inferior alveolar canal. The plaintiff argued that a specialist in complex third molar removal should have been consulted. The plaintiff also claimed that she was not informed of the complexity of the third molar extraction and the risk of nerve injury.

The defendant dentist argued that the nerve injury was a known risk of the extraction and denied any negligence.

According to reports, a $1 Million policy-limits settlement was reached.

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