Removable, Not Non-Removable Denture Implanted – $150,000 Verdict

The plaintiff/patient, age forty-eight, presented to the defendant dentist in October 2010 for a full mouth dental replacement. According to the patient, he had consented to the installation of a fixed, non-removable, implant-supported denture. However, the defendant dentist installed a removable implant-supported denture. The patient had to undergo additional implant surgery in order to obtain the desired treatment, after the original dentures healed. The patient alleged the defendant dentist committed dental malpractice because he did not sign an informed consent. The defense contended that the patient did consent to the treatment he received. The defense further contended the patient could not afford the treatment he wanted, and he had buyer’s remorse.

The jury awarded the patient $150,000.  

With permission from Medical Malpractice Verdicts, Settlements & Experts; Lewis Laska, Editor, 901 Church St., Nashville, TN 37203-3411.