10 Informative Online Resources for Dental Students


If you’re studying dentistry, you are setting yourself up for a rewarding career. The dental profession is projected to grow at a rate of three percent from 2019 to 2029, and the demand for dentistry professionals will increase as the U.S. population ages. Further, the growing body of research correlating oral health with overall health is expected to mean Americans will place greater emphasis on tooth and gum care.

However, before you can meet the call for skilled dental professionals, you must complete your studies. A dentistry education isn’t always easy. These resources for dental students can help.

10 Useful Resources for Dental Students

Check out these resources for dental students to support you throughout your studies.

1. Evidence-Based Dentistry

Evidence-Based Dentistry is a medical journal covering the latest developments in oral healthcare. The journal focuses on creating conversations between real-world practitioners and dental researchers to inform everyday clinical decisions. If you are still studying and not yet sure which direction to take your medical degree in – research versus real-world care – this publication will provide valuable insights on both fronts.

Recent topics include lessons learned from COVID-19, the benefits of smoking cessation in reducing tooth loss, and links between oral health and Alzheimer’s disease. EBD also regularly puts out calls for papers (such as this 2021 call for systematic reviews). Publication can be a valuable means of raising your profile and advancing your prospective dental career.

2. DentalBuzz

Whatever stage of your dentistry career you’re in, you want to stay on top of the latest updates in the field. From new dentistry techniques to COVID-19 updates, DentalBuzz covers all kinds of innovations and trends. You can also download PDF printables covering topics like how much radiation patients are exposed to in a dental x-ray and how different types of cavities appear. Dental Buzz is also preparing to launch a vertical for podcasts, which are perfect for busy dental school students to get news on the go.

3. Dentalcare.com

Although dentalcare.com is for dental hygiene students, it provides resources that can be useful for dentists too. This platform gives you free access to more than 150 dentistry continuing education resources. You can also get information about educating patients and managing a dental practice of your own if that’s your end goal. You can further benefit from interactive teaching modules, such as a virtual soft tissue examination.

4. Dentaltown

At some point in your dentistry studies, you’ll probably become interested in a niche field. Dentaltown offers several specialty verticals that can give you insights into expert areas, like pediatric dentistry or endodontics. This is also a great place to sign up for continuing education courses to further your focus area knowledge. Sign up for the platform’s newsletter to ensure you stay on top of the latest updates. If you want to get more in-depth knowledge offline, you can also subscribe to the magazine.

5. Dentistry Subreddit

Believe it or not, Reddit is a handy resource for dental students. The r/Dentistry subreddit boasts upwards of 70,000 members sharing their experiences, questions, and day-to-day concerns. While you shouldn’t rely on Reddit for verified medical facts, it can be refreshing to find a community of dentistry students and professionals beyond those in your immediate surroundings.

6. Academy of General Dentistry

The Academy of General Dentistry features a comprehensive blog platform, including a dedicated dental school vertical. Also, make sure to check out the AGD podcast series, which features interviews with prominent dentists, specialists, and other experts in the oral healthcare field. Topics covered range from the modern dental exam to dental practice marketing.

7. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Oral Health Division

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a platform specifically for oral health topics. This includes essential government guidelines for dental services, such as how to continue oral healthcare in light of COVID-19 safely. This resource for dental students also advertises specialty training opportunities for qualified dentists, such as a public health residency program.

8. The Dental Geek

The Dental Geek is a more casual platform that gives a personalized face to the dental profession. You can view “Geek Interviews” with prominent dentistry professionals and read articles written by practicing dentists. The tone of these resources for dental students may be more casual, but the information is no less valuable. For example, who can better advise on dealing with anxious dentistry patients than a practicing dental professional?

9. Cochrane Oral Health

Cochrane is a respected charitable organization dedicated to organizing and publicizing novel medical research to inform evidence-based decision-making in healthcare. While based in the United Kingdom, it consists of more than 50 review groups located at research facilities worldwide. Cochrane Oral Health focuses specifically on dentistry issues and is a significant globalized resource for students.

10. American Dental Association

The American Dental Association offers valuable information for dental students, including details about what national and state licensure exams you’ll need to pass to practice after finishing your studies. The website also provides sample tests and study guides. The ADA also provides resources regarding dental student finances, from scholarship opportunities to dental loan repayment programs and insurance programs.

For easier reading, check out Mouth Healthy, the ADA’s public health vertical. While you undoubtedly understand the technical jargon on these sites, keep in mind that your future patients won’t. Patient communication is one of the valuable soft skills you’ll learn as a dental student. Familiarizing yourself with resources like this will give you an idea of how to communicate technical terminology to laypersons.

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