Coverage FAQ Answers 

1. Why is the Dentist's Advantage consent to settle clause important?

All Dentist's Advantage professional liability insurance policies contain a consent to settle clause. This is very important! We will not settle any claim without your written consent. Many insurance companies cannot and do not guarantee this. They can settle a suit on your behalf without your consent. This is perfectly legal to do when a policy doesn't contain a consent to settle clause. Most dentists want to know that they will have input with regard to a claim or lawsuit, that's why our consent to settle clause is so valuable.

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2. A provider has asked me for a copy of my insurance. Can I request proof of insurance from Dentist's Advantage after hours?

You can use our easy and secure online certificate request form by clicking here. Once you submit your request, your certificate will be forwarded within three business days.

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3. In addition to Professional Liability Insurance what types of coverage do I need?

In addition to your Professional Liability Insurance coverage you may want to add Business Liability Insurance. Dentist's Advantage can add this coverage to your Professional Liability Insurance policy for a fee, to protect you if someone is injured at your practice. It also will cover damage to others' property as a result of your dental practice.

Whether or not you own the building/office where your practice is, you may want to consider our Business Office Policy or BOP coverage. This policy provides coverage for the building and/or contents, such as dental equipment, computers, furniture, etc. We also offer a Worker's Compensation package you can purchase for your employees. If you obtain all of these coverages under one policy with one common renewal date, you could be eligible for a 10% discount. Read more about the coverages we offer.

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4. Why would Business Liability Insurance or General Liability Insurance be so important to me if I rent my office space?

If you are renting office space, many landlords will require you to have this insurance and name them as an additional insured. The reason behind this is that a landlord does not want to be liable for an injury that occurs within your office. For example, if a patient slips in your office and is injured due to a wet floor and they sue you, the landlord doesn't want to have to worry that your patient will sue them as well.

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5. Is my employee covered under the Hired and Non-Hired Auto Insurance in my policy? Does it take the place of my personal auto insurance?

Dentist's Advantage protects the dentist against liability claims if they or their employees have an accident while running errands for the dental business. If the dentist is brought into suit, we would cover the dentist for defense only. The policy also covers hired, borrowed and rented automobiles. As far as your personal auto insurance, no, our coverage does not replace your personal auto insurance. For instance, if you were at a conference out of state and rented a car, then your personal auto insurance would be primary.

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