Get the Facts 

What makes Dentist's Advantage the choice for more than 18,000 dentists nationwide? The FACTS speak for themselves...

FACT: Dentist's Advantage was one of THE FIRST to introduce Practice-Based Pricing.
The innovative yet logical Practice-Based Pricing approach determines premiums for general practices based on the type of procedures routinely performed. The result is coverage available to you at an affordable price that is reflective of your general practice.

FACT: Last year, more than 27,000 dentists used the program's online risk management tools.
Dentist's Advantage is the longest running risk management resource provider for dentists. The comprehensive toolbox includes: seminars which update the latest risk management data on procedures and techniques... summaries of real malpractice lawsuits brought against dental professionals... dental office forms to assist you in managing your practice in the safest way possible... newsletters... alerts... and more.