Dentist's Advantage Case Studies 2012 - 2015 

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April - May 2016
Man Suffers Problems with Implant of Teeth — Multiple Procedures Required
Defense Verdict
March 2016
Alleged Negligence in Full Mouth Restoration — Ongoing Jaw Pain
Defense Verdict
January - February 2016
Woman Claims Lack of Informed Consent for Removal of Pre-Existing Bridge and Crown Work and Other Work
Defense Verdict
October 2015
Failure to Prescribe Antibiotics Following Tooth Extraction - Abcess Requires Surgery
Defense Verdict
September 2015
Man Claims Bridge for Upper Teeth Didn't Fit Properly
$71,100 Settlement
June 2015
Mental Nerve Injured During Extraction of Ankylosed Tooth
$950,000 Settlement
May 2015
Failure to Recognize and Treat Periodontal Disease
$295,378 Net Verdict
April 2015
Lingual Nerve Injury During Wisdom Tooth Extraction
$875,000 Settlement
March 2015
Failure to Recognize and Properly Treat Oral Infection Following Bone Grafting – Debridement Required
$55,500 Verdict
February 2015
Overfill of Material During Root Canal Blamed for Damage to Inferior Alveolar Nerve
$510,000 Settlement
January 2015
Trigeminal Nerve Injury From Wisdom Tooth Extraction
$1,000,000 Settlement
December 2014
Failure to Fully Investigate Lesion and Diagnose Odontogenic Myxoma in Teenager's Mouth - Removal of Tumor Requires Removal of Part of Jaw
$500,000 Gross Verdict
November 2014
Woman Claims Wrong Tooth Was Extracted, But Dentist Claims Tooth Extracted Was Source of Pain
Defense Verdict
October 2014
Overfill of Material During Root Canal Blamed for Damage to Inferior Alveolar Nerve
$510,000 Settlement
September 2014
Man Dies Following Wisdom Tooth Extraction- Necrotizing Mediastinitis, Septic Shock, Ludwig's Angina
$2.6 Million Net Verdict
August 2014
Extraction of Wisdom Teeth Alleged to Sever Lingual Nerve - Numbness and Loss of Taste - Defendant Claims Nerve Not Damaged and Nerve Injury Was a Known Risk
$25,000 Verdict
July 2014
Failure to Fully Investigate Lesion and Diagnose Odontogenic Myxoma in Teenager's Mouth - Removal of Tumor Requires Removal of Part of Jaw
$500,000 Gross Verdict
June 2014
Teenager Claims Failure to Note Globulomaxillary Cyst on X-Ray Led to Infection Which Necessitated Extensive Treatment
$850,000 Verdict
May 2014
Failure to Perform Dental Work Properly and Failure to Perform All of Work Set Out in Plan and Billed to Insurer
$60,000 Verdict
April 2014
Root Canals and Crowns Allegedly Not Performed Properly - Infections Lead to Extraction of Five Teeth.
$45,000 Verdict
March 2014
Forceful Removal of Denture When Resin for Impression During Relining Blamed for Injury to Tissue Around Implant Which Then Failed - Defendant Claims  Not Much Force Was Used and Implant Had Failed Prior to Denture Procedure
$60,000 Verdict With Post-Trial Confidential Statement
February 2014
Failure to Diagnose Jaw Infection From Woman’s Call Reporting Pain Following Installation of Splint for Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction - Extensive Treatment Required, Including Reconstruction of Jaw
$2.7 Million Net Verdict
January 2014
Woman Alleges Failure to Diagnose Periodontal Disease, Leading to Loss of All Upper Teeth and Need for Denture
$320,343 Judgment After Reductions to $420,000 Gross Verdict
December 2013
Woman Claims Bridges Fail and Require Replacement
$125,000 Verdict
November 2013
Over-Preparation of Teeth for Veneers Blamed for Pain and Need for Root Canal
$7,893 Verdict
August 2013
Failure to Provide Antibiotics for Woman at Time of Tooth Extraction - Submandibular Abscess Develops, Required Incision and Drainage - Scars. 
Defense Verdict
July 2013
Woman Suffers Injury to Inferior Alveolar Nerve From Root Canal 
$350,000 Verdict
June 2013
Dentists Required to Comply with Regulations as a Condition of Licensure
June 2013
Failure to Properly Inspect and Refer for Further Testing When Man Complains of Mass Under Tongue During Cleaning - Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Tongue Diagnosed Six Months Later - Extensive Surgery and Treatment Required
$800,000 Settlement.
May 2013
Drill Bit Breaks During Wisdom Tooth Extraction and Part is Retained in Jaw - Attempt to Extract Drill Bit Tip Causes Nerve Injury 
$2.69 Million Verdict Reduced to $300,000 Under High/Low Agreement.
April 2013
Two Attempts at Tooth Extraction End With Fractured Mandible and Nerve Damage - Multiple Procedures Performed 
$1 Million Settlement With One Defendant - $1.6 Million Recovered Under High/Low Agreement From Second Defendant After $7.6 Million Verdict.
March 2013
Dentists May be Liable for Poor Discharge Instructions
March 2013
Improper Sequence of Treatment and Negligence Regarding Placement of Veneers and Performance of Root Canal Alleged 
- $34,650 Verdict.
February 2013
Permanent Tooth Removed Instead of Baby Tooth - Immediately Reimplantation Successful - Negligence Admitted 
- $71,269 Verdict.

January 2013
Extraction of Wrong Tooth - Man Claims He Needs Implant
$18,000 Verdict.

December 2012
Woman Claims Work on Gums and Placement of Veneers and Crowns Was Inappropriate to Achieve Objectives of Treatment - Subsequent Treatment Required
$641,441 Arbitration Award.

November 2012
Placement of Crowns Blamed for Bite Problems
$297,000 Verdict.

October 2012

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October 2012

Woman Claims Placement of Twenty Crowns Caused Traumatic Occlusion and Necessitated Replacement of All the Crowns and Need for Multiple Root Canals
$404,952 Bench Verdict.

September 2012
Failure to Properly Perform Dental Treatment - Plan, Which Included Twelve Crowns and Was Supposed to Take Six Months, Wasn't Finished After Five Years
$145,261 Verdict

August 2012

Lingual Nerve Damage From Wisdom Tooth Extraction - Microsurgical Repair, But Some Numbness Continues
$187,500 Settlement.
July 2012
Failure to Refer Man With History of Tongue Dysplasia for Biopsy When Tongue Redness Persists and Lesion Develops - Cancer With Metastasis Later Diagnosed
$500,000 Settlement.
June 2012
Jaw Fractured During Wisdom Tooth Extraction - Additional Surgery Required and Woman Claims Fibromyalgia From Trauma
Defense Verdict
May 2012
Dentist Drops Root Canal File Into Woman Throat - Fails to Tell Her There is Need for Removal - Laparotomy Removes File From Large Intestine the Following Day
$230,000 Settlement.

April 2012
Dentures Never Fit Properly, Claims Man
$200,000 Verdict Includes $150,000 in Punitive Damages - Confidential Post-Trial Settlement

March 2012
Woman Claims Veneers Placed by Defendant Dentist Caused Loss of Teeth and Other Problems - Defendant Claims Woman Knew Risks of Veneer Placement
$150,000 Gross Verdict.

February 2012
Man Claims Dentist Didn't Properly Fabricate and Install Bridges and Performed Unnecessary Root Canals - Defendant Claims Plaintiffs Problems Were From Subsequent Treatment and Poor Dental Hygiene
Defense Verdict

January 2012
Nerve Injury Following Root Canal
$150,000 Settlement


View the 2004 - 2011 Case Studies archive here.