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National Society of Dental Practitioners

In our continuing effort to improve the products and services available to our clients, the Dentist's Advantage Program is now part of a Risk Purchasing Group* (RPG). In order to have access to the pricing and professional liability insurance coverage available through Dentist's Advantage, membership in the RPG is required. As a member of the RPG, you also automatically become a member of the National Society of Dental Practitioners (NSDP).

The NSDP provides support to the Dentist's Advantage Program and its clients in two important ways. First, the NSDP acts in an advisory capacity to the Dentist's Advantage Program, ensuring that our professional liability insurance remains current with the needs of the dental profession. Working in an advisory capacity for NSDP is a team of dentist attorneys, dentist risk managers, and practicing dentists who provide their counsel and insight.

Second, the NSDP provides Risk Management expertise to you, our client! Listed below are just some of the added benefits you can expect as a member of the NSDP, including:

• Reducing or eliminating exposures to loss
• Increasing staff knowledge
• Increasing office efficiencies
• Increasing patient acceptance and confidence in treatment
• Increasing knowledge of recent laws and regulations

To achieve these benefits, the NSDP uses a combination of counseling, seminars, and correspondence to inform and educate NSDP members.

Counseling Hotline
As a Dentist's Advantage client and member of the NSDP, you have access to Risk Management counseling services by calling the toll-free number at 888-778-3981. The Risk Management Hotline is available 24/7. The Hotline is staffed by experienced dentists, dentist attorneys and dentist risk managers able to assist you with your questions or concerns.

Throughout the year, NSDP facilitates risk management and clinical seminars across the country. The seminars are designed to share the latest risk management information on procedures, techniques, and tools - all at no cost to you. Below is just a sample of the titles of seminars recently held:

Saving Lives Through Early Detection (oral cancer)
• Increasing patient acceptance and confidence in treatment
• Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office - A Risk Management Perspective
• Increasing patient acceptance and confidence in treatment
• NSDP Risk Management Seminar - Introduction to the Legal System and the Risks in Dental Practice

In addition to learning the latest information on practice areas you may also be able to earn continuing education credits. Dentist's Advantage is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider of Dental CEs as well as an AGD Approved PACE Program Provider.

Correspondence & Online Resources
Throughout the year, NSDP sends Risk Management information that addresses professional liability issues that dentists, like you, face everyday. You'll discover what makes dentists vulnerable to professional liability claims and tips on how to protect yourself from a malpractice lawsuit. As a Dentist's Advantage client and NSDP Member you have access to these valuable resources, including:

Quarterly Newsletter - risk management content that focuses on the legal risks associated with dental practice - how to avoid them and how to minimize the effect on the practitioner.
Risk Management Alerts - periodic alerts to recent changes in dental practice, dental law and trends in dentistry. Recent examples include Drug Disposal Guidelines and Medical Spa Procedures.
Risk Management Library - this risk management library was developed to provide our dentists with the necessary forms to tackle your practice's operational and regulatory risks. These forms are available as downloadable PDF files, including:
> Records Management System - English and Spanish - This system of office forms will help you organize patient care, keep fully informed about the patient's health status and provide the necessary documentation in the event of a malpractice lawsuit
> Office Forms: Record Keeping Forms (English and Spanish), Consent Forms (English and Spanish), Sample Discharge Letter and Post Extraction Instruction Form

Our NSDP team of dentists, dentist attorneys and dentist risk managers contribute to the risk management material offered to NSDP Members. They pass along their knowledge and wisdom so colleagues, like you, may benefit. As you look to improve oversight of your operations, we encourage you to call the 24 hour hotline with any risk management questions or concerns at 888-778-3981.

The NSDP was founded by Dr. Burton R. Pollack (1923-2014), D.D.S., J.D., who received his dental and law degrees from the University of Maryland, and his degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. At the University of Maryland he served on the faculty of the dental school as well as practicing dentistry for 27 years. In addition to being the Emeritus Professor at the School of Dental Medicine at Stony Brook, New York, Dr Pollack also served as Dean. Including writing multiple articles on risk management, Dr. Pollack is the author of the book "The Law and Dental Risk Management".

Philip R. Barbell, DDS
Director of Risk Management, Dentist's Advantage
Dr. Barbell had been a practicing general dentist for 38 years. He has served as President of Southern Dental Society of New Jersey and New Jersey Dental Association. Dr. Barbell has also been involved in the dental liability area for over 15 years, having served for 11 years as President and Chairman of the Board of a national dentist owned and controlled malpractice insurance company. He is a member of Southern Dental Society of New Jersey, New Jersey Dental Association and the American Dental Association. He is also a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, the American College of Dentists and the International College of Dentists.

Cheryl Mora, DDA, FAGD
Board of Directors, NSDP
Dr. Mora is the owner of Hawthorn Dental Associates where she has practiced general dentistry for the past 23 years. She is the President of the Illinois Academy of General Dentistry (2014) and on the Membership Council of the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Mora is a past president of the Chicago Component of the Illinois Academy of General Dentistry and a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry, Academy of Dentistry International, International College of Dentists and American College of Dentists. Dr. Mora has her undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University and went to dental school at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

James R. Nemeth, DDS
Board of Directors, NSDP
Dr. Nemeth received his dental surgery degree from New York University and has served as a U.S. Army Captain before working in private practice for 32 years. Dr. Nemeth has been involved in the field of dental risk management for over 20 years and consults for the municipalities of Hempstead, NY and Oyster Bay, NY. In his past, he has consulted for various companies such as Weicholz, Peters and Goldstein (Brooklyn), St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company, Smith Elliot and Garmey PA (Maine), Croutier and Ryan Esqs (New York), and Maxson Young Associates, Inc.

Margaret Surowka Rossi, J.D.
Board of Directors, NSDP
Ms. Rossi received her law degree from Albany Law School of Union University, cum laude. In addition to being currently employed as counsel for Hiscock & Barclay, LLP, of Albany, NY, Ms. Rossi focuses her practice in the area of Health Care & Human Services. She provides advice and representation to individual health care providers and health care facilities in all aspects of their practice including licensure, disciplinary and ethics proceedings. Ms. Rossi also provides counsel with respect to Medicaid, Medicare, and other governmental investigations and audits as well as on employment and contracts matters. As sole in-house counsel to the 14,000 member New York State Dental Association, Ms. Rossi counseled members regarding legislation and regulations, developed a HIPAA guide for members, developed risk management seminars for members, and analyzed and counseled members on all healthcare related matters. Ms. Rossi also counsels health care providers and other employers with respect to employment laws as well as assists clients on lobbying and election law compliance.

* A Risk Purchasing Group is an organization that purchases liability insurance on a group basis from an outside insurance company for businesses or individuals of similar exposure.