Professional Insurance Products 

Professional Liability Insurance - Protects you against allegations of dental malpractice, provides a legal defense during licensing complaint actions, covers you when authoring articles and much more. The policy also offers an optional Specialty Liability Package Endorsement that adds coverage for billing errors & omissions, employee benefits liability, employment practices liability plus five additional liability coverages.

The Dentist's Advantage Professional Liability Program is underwritten by American International Group, Inc. (AIG). AIG has 40 years experience providing best-in-class coverage to the healthcare industry.

Business Owners Policy (BOP) and Workers' Compensation - The 'BOP' policy is designed to provide property and general liability coverage for your dental office. It offers a special Healthcare Providers Endorsement that adds coverage for such things as medical supplies and perishable medicines. Workers' Compensation is state-mandated insurance that protects your employees for medical expenses and wage loss if injured while at work.

Both policies are underwritten by The Hartford. The Hartford has 200-years experience providing insurance services to millions of consumers and businesses worldwide. Visit The Hartford's web site to learn more about their BOP and Workers' Compensation plans.

Endorsers - Dentist's Advantage is proud to have earned the endorsement of a number of national, state, and local dentists associations including the Academy of General Dentistry, one of the largest dental associations in the U.S. Find out why the Academy chose Dentist's Advantage as a Benefits Plus Provider and about the benefits for AGD members.